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Hi. I’m Ben.

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I'm a graphic artist who works at the intersection of politics and pop culture. I use art and entertainment to look at the world through a rational lens. 

Whether it's a political cartoon, video, or t-shirt, I want my work to make people think and laugh.

It's all made proudly in NYC with lots of heart and no bullshit. That's my signature.


I started in hospitality and have since transitioned into a career I love as a graphic designer. I’m good with the written word and I get technology. Now-a-days, I find myself employed full time as an in-house graphic designer in New York City. When I’m not designing at my regular job, I’m creating here.

I’ve had over 14 years of experience working with the public; learning what makes people tick. I work hard to create products and entertainment that resonates with people and speaks to the times we live in. I put a lot of of my world-view into everything I create and I’m not afraid of irreverence.

I love fonts, title sequences, food and wine. I like making things that are funny, informative, and beautiful. If I can work in a poignant observation of the world we live in, even better.

To like is to love