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While Hell Is A Lonely Place is not a real movie, it is a real poem. To reflect a variety of moods and styles, each poster is inspired by different plot points of the poem by Charles Bukowski.

Brain Option
I focused on the Alzheimer’s component to the story. The narrative I designed around is that “for Alzheimer’s patients, hell can be a state of mind.” A patient may go through extensive rounds of medical treatment, which is symbolized through the diagram style of the text.


Murder Option
This option tells the story of the moments following the suicides of our main characters. A macro shot of a male and female hand along with some blood spatter will tell the tragic love story of the main characters.


Chaotic Hospital Option
Initially, I set out to create a poster for a romantic comedy film. Given the story line, it was certainly a challenge to design around this genre. However, after some experimentation, I found myself inspired by the film noir style to create a poster promoting a mystery. By randomizing the text over the image of our couple looking at empty hospital beds, we get an unsettling glimpse into their impending doom.

Movie Posters: Hell Is A Lonely Place

Three variations on posters for a movie based on the poem by Charles Bukowski.