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Romeo and Juliet Poster
Everyone knows the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Since we know what happens in the end, I approached this project with the following goals: A. capture the darkness of the love story, B. experiment with different textures to create a classic look, and C. combine several different types of media to to come up with something worthy of adding to my portfolio.
Given my vision, I decided the most appropriate tool would be Adobe Photoshop. I started out by drawing a simple grid — centered horizontal and vertical lines, then I took Karen’s advice and added a second horizontal line to mark the golden ratio where I would align the hands. Next, I drew the background. I drew a vignette with the brush tool on a black background and then blended in a stone texture that was finished with a gaussian blur. Then came the text. I experimented with different textures and gradients before landing on the goldenrod effects chosen. Finally, all that was left were the graphics. I found a dagger that I thought was visually appropriate.  To draw the blood, I used the paint tool and applied a hard light blend. The hands, however, required more customization that what stock graphics could provide. Against a green screen, I took a picture of my hand clenching a kitchen knife and my girlfriend’s hand holding mine. At last, I did some retouching to balance all the color and used my Wacom tablet to blend and feather the edges.

Event Poster: Romeo & Juliet

It seems as though every time one stumbles across a poster for another ‘Romeo & Juliet’ performance, it is caked in romantic imagery. This is not that. I knew I wanted to speak to the tragic storyline, but embrace the dark side of it. After spending about 4 hours in Photoshop, this is what I came up with.