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This was a project where I was challenged to use Apple products to create a multimedia experience. I decided to get the entire store involved to make an Apple ode to the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ title sequence. I instructed each participant to act as they naturally would and invited them to do something creative for the camera. In doing so, I was able to capture each person’s personality and capture the mood over the entire team. Since we all wear blue, the concept was a natural fit and gave the employees something to rally around.
It uses an edited version of Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time,” and features the majority of the faces one will see upon entering the store. It was edited with Final Cut Pro X, audio was cut in GarageBand, and it was all shot on my iPhone 5s.

Blue Is The New Black

As part of the training for my role at Apple, I created a montage of my coworker’s faces, as inspired by the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ title sequence.