Maps Are Hard

2019.09.06_Maps Are Hard_Instagram.png

Hard. Get it?

All week, we’ve been watching Trump’s little meltdown over his Alabama hurricane map screw up. After he originally tweeted that Hurricane Dorian was forecast to hit Alabama.

This was inaccurate AF so it prompted this strong response from the National Weather Service:

From there, Trump triple and quadrupled down. Even going to the extent of doctoring a weather map with a Sharpie, making him the first president to violate federal law, 18 US Code § 2074.

Ordinarily, we’d be able to rely on information from government officials. But Trump just can’t admit he was wrong so he’s turned this blunder into one of the dumbest ways he’s undermined our government’s credibility. That’s why I made this—one of my dumbest, most juvenile political cartoons.