A Terrorist Is A Terrorist

2019.08.05_Terrorists Are Terrorists_Instagram.png

A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. Whether you commit an act of terror in the name of white nationalism or Islam, both sides share the same goal: to kill people and scare the rest of us.

Another day in America means another mass shooting. In this case, two in a row—El Paso, TX and another 13 hours later in Dayton, OH. What makes these events feel different is, of course, the frequency and that in the case of El Paso, it was racially motivated.

Rational Americans are fed up. We’ve dispensed with the notion that mental illness or video games are the root cause, and the whole “guns-don’t-kill-people-the-person-who-pulls-the-trigger-does” refrain rings shockingly hallow. In fact, we now know that 73% of all extremist-related killings are done at the hands of domestic right-wing perpetrators.

But still, Mitch McConnell does nothing, and Republicans cower to the NRA. I even wrote a listical about gun violence after the Tree of Life Synagogue attack. The song remains the same.