Need to create a mockup of something you created? This is going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done when you grab the Perspective Warp tool.

Let’s say we want to adjust the screenshot layer to look like it’s on the iPhone screen.


1. Select the object we want to bend and resize.

2. Go to Edit.

3. Drop down to Perspective Warp.


4. Handy how-to guide box appears.

5. Draw a box over the four corners of the screenshot.

6. Hit Enter to confirm this is the area we want to adjust.


7. Now we have anchors that look like pins. Use them to drag to the four corners of the phone screen.


8. If you like how it looks, just hit Enter again to confirm its placement.

And there you have it. Now the screenshot looks like it’s on the phone. Wasn’t that the easiest shit you’ve ever done?

Need a more complex shape than a rectangle? Maybe try Puppet Warp.

Adobe Photoshop

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