Let’s say you want to make a pattern with an object in Adobe InDesign. You might be familiar with blends in Illustrator. This is similar, except it goes by rows and columns. To get started select an object you want to make multiple of.


1. Go to File.

2. Drop down to select Step and Repeat.


3. Count is the number of times you want the object to repeat. Pretty self-explanatory, no?

4. Under Offset, the Vertical option will let you choose how far apart you want the repeating elements.

5. Naturally, Horizontal does the same thing horizontally. The spacing always goes from the top left corner of the master. Notice how all of the lengths are the same as the object. It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s just the way I chose to.

6. Check the Preview box to see what’s happening before you commit to it.


7. If you check “Create as a grid,” the Count option will change to…

8. …Rows and Columns. Same idea. We’re just selecting the vertical and horizontal spacing.

9. Just like every other program, click OK to commit your changes or Cancel to ditch them.


Boom. Done. I created a pattern out of a photo, but you can use it to create a step and repeat out of a logo. Just like the walls you see anytime there are celebrities, a red carpet, and cameras. Hey, that’s where the feature gets its name!

This tutorial features “Lorrie II” by my sister, Abby Irwin. She’s crazy talented so you should check her out. 

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