Don't use fonts that are commonly associated with other brands.

On my lunch break the other day, I took a walk over to Just Salad. The one at Worldwide Plaza on 49th and 8th here in NYC. I noticed something strange. At first, I thought Just Salad was acquired by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park. Why? The South Park font was EVERYWHERE.

It turns out Just Salad used it in their marketing. Which is strange because it’s such a recognizable typeface. Here’s a screenshot from the ending credits of South Park:

Image courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park Studios.

Image courtesy: South Park Studios and Comedy Central

Now, here are two pictures I took outside of that Just Salad. Looks kind of funny, right?

Why would they do that?

Such obvious brand confusion. Even though I can name hundreds of fonts in the wild, I feel like this one is distinctive enough for the lay person to notice as well.

The lesson here: don’t use fonts that are custom-designed for an iconic TV show. The South Park font belongs in South Park. If you really want to break this rule or just have it in your collection, you can download the font.


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