Typing hex codes and RGB values are a waste of time. Eff that. Fortunately, when you’re using Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you can store all your color palettes in a library that syncs across all your devices.


1. Here it is in Photoshop. Just click the Color panel. If you don’t see it, go to the Window menu and drop down to show Color.

2. You can also find it in the Creative Cloud panel. This is more of your general library.


3. In Illustrator, there is a Color Themes panel.


4. In InDesign, you have to add Adobe Color Themes. To do this, you can go to Window, drop down to Color, then say Adobe Color Themes. I like it docked with all my other panels.


Since you can sync all your color palettes between apps and devices, this is where they live: at color.adobe.com. Just like any good web-based service, there’s a web app where you can control it all. You can arrange palettes as needed, delete old ones, add new, rename, and more.


Last step you just have to download Adobe Capture from the App Store or Google Play. You have access to all your color palettes on the go. Just sign in to your account and there they are. Accessible and modifiable.

The best part: you can use your camera to take a picture of a scene. Then, it automatically turns it into a color palette for your next project. There you go: instant inspiration. I took a picture of a jetty at the beach and I pulled this palette. But you can do whatever you want. The possibilities are endless and I love it.

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