The Birwin Report


"Portrait of a bush-league President named Donald Trump, a shallow little man who feeds off the divisions, fears, and hatred of his country’s citizens."

Like a wannabe dictator, he wants you to believe that he alone can fix the world’s problems and he bloviates to anyone who will listen.

"In his twisted, egotistical way he preys on the faithful, the deluded, the poor."
"Just as we’ve witnessed before, he’s here. He’s alive."

Just as it’s been said years ago—the only way to eradicate hate and bigotry is to know it. To speak out against it.

And just as it has time after time, he’s here once again. Evil has once again come to our town.
Let’s make some noise.

This cartoon is based on the prophetic episode of The Twilight Zone “He’s Alive.” It’s chillingly relevant now, just as it was when it aired in 1963. Watch it on Hulu. 


This Is America

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