NerdCat Logo

I have a new logo. He’s my mascot.

Here it is: NerdCat. I tried to name him but that’s the best I could do.

Yes, it’s a him. Because NerdCat is a lot of me.

NerdCat represents a youthful curiosity and the desire to hunt for information. Once found, he pounces and seizes the moment. That’s what I do as a designer: approach each project as though I know nothing. Then when I see something I love, pounce.

This is the first illustration I’ve made on an iPad. I used a stippling technique with the Apple Pencil to achieve a logo that is complex, yet minimal. Stippling is super in right now, so NerdCat’s style represents the trends we observe. Can he change styling in the future? Hey, why not? Like I’ve said before: observe trends but don’t become enslaved by them.

My fiancé and I have two cats (they’re girls though) and we love them. I love animals and I thought NerdCat perfectly represents my hunt for new ideas. That’s why I chose him. That’s what he represents everywhere you see him.


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