Meet the Stupid Americans

Like it or not, they’re all of us. That’s why I gave them their own show.

Meet your favorite idiots and the ideologies they represent.

Character Profiles_Lisa.jpg

Lisa Keller

Lisa is as liberal as they come. She finds and eliminates social injustice wherever it may be. She has a good heart but isn’t as woke as she thinks she is.

Character Profiles_Father James.jpg

Father James MacKenna

Have questions about your faith? Need a good dad joke? Give Father James a call. Despite what he preaches, he sometimes finds himself in the morally grey area of a argument.

Character Profiles_Joey.jpg

Joe Maga

Joey is a Trump supporter who represents the worst people in America. He’s young, brash, and has misogynistic tendencies. Accepting facts is not one of his strong suits.

Character Profiles_Gary.jpg

Gary Thomas

A stately, older gentleman who’s a farmer from the south. Always breaking stereotypes, he’s as liberal as they come. Out of all his idiot friends, he’s probably the only voice of reason.

Character Profiles_Paul.jpg

Paul Gubiotti

Paul works as a fire safety director at an office building in the city. His political views are independent. He is obviously from an Italian family and has a heavy New Jersey accent.


Our special correspondents

Here’s a few of our frequent guests. As you can imagine, they don’t add much value.