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This Is America

Hand Reaching For Shoe Polish

PSA On the Blackface Thing

Attention white people: shoe polish belongs on your shoe—not your face.

Trump Clings To His Border Wall

With another shutdown looming, will Trumpy cling to his vanity project? Probably definitely. He’ll...

America Is In The Twilight Zone

Picture if you will, a country so divided that it looks as though we're...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes The Bird Box Challenge

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has grown to realize that everytime the President speaks, her job...

0 Days Without A Mass Shooting

Mass Shootings In America: Five Honest Statistics

Another day in America means another mass shooting. This time in Thousand Oaks, CA....

Oct. 6, 2018 — Justice Pukey? Justice Touchey? Who cares.

Justice Pukey? Justice Touchey? Who cares.

Justice Kavanaugh loves beer! Hey, so do I. That's not a crime. But sexual...

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