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February 2019

A Superhero Awaits?

Mueller is coming, but will he deliver?

Trump Is All About That Base

Sarah Huckabee Sanders explains that despite being a president for all Americans, he prefers...

Happy President’s Day!

In honor of President's Day, here's a toon of Internet Donald Trump wiping his...

I See Your Government Shutdown and Raise You A National Emergency

Today we went from one bad option to another. Trump averted a government shutdown...

Hand Reaching For Shoe Polish

PSA On the Blackface Thing

Attention white people: shoe polish belongs on your shoe—not your face.

Trump Clings To His Border Wall

With another shutdown looming, will Trumpy cling to his vanity project? Probably definitely. He’ll...

Internet State of the Union: Live Updates

Live updates from the State of the Union address...Birwin Report style!

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